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Rob: At your service.

with a smile.

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Rob Driessen
4 November 1977
Rob D, 30+, dutch gin capitol Schiedam, The Netherlands. I've been crawling through the interwebs for a number of years now under various monikers (rob_d, rdriessen, Mpepea). I'm employed as a IT-Service Management Consultant, after 10+ years of running around in the hospitality business working for anything from McD's to a 5* deluxe hotel. My secret wish is to make my living with my voice, either working in the radio business (yes, I want my own show on national radio), singing in a band or doing commentary and voicecasting for TV and/or animation.

When I don´t work, I like to sing (Hard Rock Karaoke? Carribean musical production? Disco & Soul coverband? Been there, done that.), go to the movies, make/mix/mashup music and enjoy spending time with my friends. I've been cured from a World of Warcrack addiction, I had my own weekly show on local radio, I spent a month as a volunteer at the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia in 2009 and before I die I want to try swiss absinthe, authentic Vindaloo curry and a swig of Chateau Petrus or Romanee-Conti. Otherwise I can be tempted or bribed with whisk(e)y.

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