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The term 'feeling under the weather' seems so odd when it's snowing outside. Tonight heavy freeze is expected so I think I'm gonna pull out my hotwater feetwarmer thingy (NL: kruik).

Anyway, I've been at home today and yesterday instead of at work. I did manage to get work done though, had the folder with all the job applicants with me, so this morning I sent out 30 rejection letters by email, made a few phone calls, so the day didn't seem totally wasted. Officially, I am sick though, so I hope the boss appreciates that I'm working for FREE at the moment. I think so, he likes the word 'free'.

Still have a lot to do during the weekend. In 2 weeks, all the new staff will be coming for a training day, and I've been asked (ordered) to write a reader of 'how things are done at Archeon'. Boss wants a preview this monday. Bleh.

BUT I also have a good thing coming my way. Tomorrow night, my dad and I are going to see a famous (in Holland) band live in concert. They're called Rowwen Heze and if you're not from Holland, think along the lines of TexMex accordeon party music like Flaco Jiminez. They prove that accordeons can sound mighty cool, and that they're not only meant for polka's :D

With a bit of luck I can go pick up my new mobile phone tomorrow. My love for gadgets will one day be my undoing. Want new mp3 player, want digital camera, want want want. I'm a material boy, I guess.

Lots of love goes out (in no particular crder) to Blizzard Girl and the amazing Dook; Lox, Mox and one non-smoking Dragon; Bloobunny Bebop, Digital Versatile Danny, Skunkbob Chainmailpants, shagrabbit, DeeLicious, fenderbander, Maartje & the Monster, Toronto 293 and Nutty-jah.


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Mar. 3rd, 2005 01:56 pm (UTC)
How are things done at the Archeon...

Step 1. Find a way to fit 30 hours in a day.
Step 2. Do it for free.
Step 3. Profit.
Mar. 3rd, 2005 10:03 pm (UTC)
Other than enjoy the concert and hope you get through the weekend, hope you'll feel way better soon.

"'Coz we are living... in a material world. And you are a material... erm..."
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