Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

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0730 Alarmclock goes off after a meager 4 and a half hours sleep
0800 Manage to drag myself out of bed
0905 Arrive at work
1600 Depart from work after lots of administrative work (calling job applicants mostly)
1730 Arrive home after a detour to the bookshop of the Natural History Museum where I bought THIS and THIS (*gasp*, in German even!)
1731 Call even more job applicants
1800 Log on to internet, chat, watch TV
1930 Order pizza
2000 Eat pizza
2030 Watch movie on TV (Courage Under Fire)
2130 Start playing City of Heroes while watching the rest of the movie
0130 Finish Synapse Task Force and reach level 21 (and a half)
0220 Current time, time to drop dead for the next 7 hours.
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