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- Why does our wireless network always falter when the landlord is on holiday, so we can't reset the modem?
- Why am I working six days this week, two of which are even double shifts?
- Why have I still not received the money I was promised for the musical I starred in last year?
- Shall I take a break and fly to UK or France, even though I don't have the money?
- How the heck did I get a dent at the underside of my car which will cost me 1000 Euros to get repaired?
- Why am I writing this list and not doing something useful?
- Why isn't the pope dead yet?
- Why does our prime minister look like Harry Potter?
- Why did the US people vote for another term of Dubya Bush?
- Can we still save the ozone layer?
- Did anyone actually read this?
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