Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

And another week gone by

I think I can keep this entry brief. This past week was all about DIY at work, job interviews and family. Worked from tuesday to friday, painting, interviewing, cleaning and such. Saturday was a lazy day with a bit of Jak and Daxter action on Playstation. Made rice with Caribbean Sweet Chicken and apple chutney (yum), and had too many drinks (for which I can blame Rick mostly). Sunday was spent in car and at family, visiting a niece who celebrated her birthday (with the added luck of meeting lots of relatives there), then on to grandparents and finally having dinner with an aunt and uncle at a stir-fry restaurant. I love those kind of restaurants. You pick your own ingredients from a big buffet, hand your plate to a chef, he boils your food in a broth, then stirfries it in a wok along with a sauce of your choice (ranging from mild to hot).

Anyway, just got home, spent almost 5 hours of today in cars. Time for sleep now. Zzz.
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