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Feb. 14th, 2005

Mmmm, three days of laziness gone by. Looking back I curse myself for spending too much time at the laptop and too little time doing useful things. Relaxation is a good thing, but I kinda overdid it. On the good side, I managed to phone another bunch of people who applied for a job at the themepark and I thawed our freezer at home (which had more ice inside than Antarctica nowadays), I got some laundry done and I made a couple of CDs with medieval-themed music for use at work.

With regards to relaxation, I've been experimenting with City of Heroes (current character list: Hollander, Data Miner, Speedycat, Wondernurse, Firebreeze and Sir Joseph) and World of Warcraft (I'm on the Dragonblight Server as Natalyia, Famine, Trinket, Firestarter, Skinner, Stomphoof and two other characters whose names I've forgotten :D). Ahhh, variety is the spice of life. To make things worse, I accidently stepped into our local DVD and games store and came out with two bargain playstation games: Frequency and Jak & Daxter 1.

On my to do list is ironing a mountain of clean laundry, and finally finishing the stuff that the career councellor gave me. We haven't had contact in half a year, which is totally my doing. I'm awful at self-reflection, since I don't want to be pointed at or reminded of my weaknesses, even if I can learn from them. Bleh.

Looks like we might have a third roommate again: Riepke, a guy from up north, co-worker of Rick. He loved the room and will probably be moving in next month. Thank goodness, a worry less.

This week I'll be busy as hell.
Tuesday: job interviews and staffmeeting for the gamingclub
Wednesday: more job interviews and bowling with the gamingclub
Thursday: one more job interview, meeting with head chef and boss about new menus, lots of chores at work
Friday: mostly working behind the PC, writing a manual for all the new waiters.
Saturday: Drive to park for more job interviews
Sunday: Go to parents, then to aunt and grandparents to see if they still recognize me ;)


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Feb. 14th, 2005 10:31 pm (UTC)
Well sounds like a busy week, but not all that stressful. Movi8ng house is stressful..if you have any tips on how I can trelax...let me know.....Please!

Feb. 14th, 2005 10:58 pm (UTC)
- buy a fireplace DVD and watch it all night
- get two goldfishes and watch them all night
- give yourself a backrub ;p
- drink a bottle of Baileys
- listen to a radiostation with sappy lovesongs
- visit a sauna or health parlour

That enough relaxation for you? ;)
Feb. 14th, 2005 11:03 pm (UTC)
First two sounds great, third is physically impossible, fourth is a no-no as I hate Baileys, five I think i'm close to doing, and six could be a possibility...though it might mean I may have to cancel my current holiday plans!
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