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Another two weeks have flown by, quite eventful ones at that. Since I've discovered I have this obsession with talking about my work in my LJ, I might as well start with that subject.

Anyone who reads this journal regularly might have noticed that the past two months haven't been easy on me. I felt like an overworked waiter in stead of an appreciated party manager. Boss' frequent outbursts caused colleagues to quit, which only added to the stress at the job. The holiday to Turkey didn't come a moment too soon. But even though I'm still looking around for another job, I had a long talk with Boss last week. In a way, the departure of Stefano opened up a lot of new possibilities. In short: I'm going to run the Medieval Cloister (with two banquet rooms) and I'm going to be responsible for hiring new staff and training them adequately. On top of that I got a small raise and the promise that I can get my diplomas for first aid and official stafftrainer. And if I manage to lower costs and increase profit, there'll also be a bonus, but that little detail still needs to be worked out.

Sounds good, indeed. At least I'm certain that I have a job until the end of the year. If Boss doesn't get too obnoxious, I might even make it that far.

Still no third roommate so Roomie Rick and I are paying way too much for our rent. ExRoomie Dennis doesn't answer his phone, so it's still the question if we're ever going to see the rent he never gave us. I'm now investigating the possibilities of buying an apartment in stead of renting one. According to various websites, I could 'loan' up to 100000 Euro's with my current salary. That should get me something small and cosy. I'll wait and see.

In non-work news: been spending waaaay too much time on the online game City Of Heroes. My main character 'The Hollander' is now at level 20, and with a new flashy costume. In between gaming, working and sleeping, I managed to go to Amsterdam last sunday. Shopped a bit, ate Japanese and won a few euro's in the casino, exactly enough to pay for my dinner :) I need to find the last episodes of Father of the Pride to download and watch. Memo to me.

Anything else? Quiet on the family front. Mom and dad are trying to talk little brother Jeroen out of his current job (he's severely underpaid) and out of their home (he's almost 23, old enough to start living on his own). Also quiet on the health front, and on the love front. Got a call tonight from Nadya (who's reading this! :) who's been asking me to come to Edinburgh for quite some time now. She also just HAD to mention that she's moving into an apartment with two other single girls. I really should plan a visit soon ;) I might even surprise Dave in York by showing up at his work for a haircut.

Oh, and before I forget: Thanks to Bander and Maartje (and Hiryu) for the fun and company the other day. Now off to bed, got some more painting to do at work tomorrow. And I'm not talking works of art, just me, a big roller, a bucket full of paint and an ugly wall.

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