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Today is gonna be a very expensive day.... My car´s at the garage for heavy maintenance. Oh, and I very nearly died this week thanks to that same car.

Don´t worry, I´m fine! I was driving on the freeway when all of a sudden my steering wheel started to vibrate and shake like mad. I pulled over immediately, called the AA on my mobile and 30 mins later, they came over and discovered I had a tear in the canvas on my front left tire. The innertube was peeking out! If I´d driven on and ignored the shaking wheel, chances are the tire would´ve burst. Not good when you´re doing 70 mph. So, well, ehhh, the AA guy screwed my spare tire in place and sent me on my way. At that time it didn´t really occur to me, but now, after a few days, I realize I must´ve had my guardian angel sitting on my shoulder. Scary.

But that´s why the car´s getting repaired today, along with a major checkup and its annual safety test. My wallet´s bleeding already. The fact that I´m paying double rent (both my new room and the old apartment) doesn´t help either. The money´s disappearing faster than I´m earning it. Savings account was already plundered earlier this year, so I´m in a bit of a tight spot. Mom and dad have promised to help me out, and even though I´ve always been too stubborn to accept their help, it looks like this time I´m gonna have to take them up on their offer.

Later today I have to be at work and I´ll be getting my evaluation for my first month. I´m not too worried, everything went well in my opinion. I´m not expecting any surprises. I only have to restrain myself. I´m back at the bottom of the careerladder again, and I´m very anxious to start climbing it. I have to keep reminding myself that I can´t demand a promotion.....

Let´s see... did I cover everything? Work, health (diet time again), love (what love? ;), finances, family, local news.... Heh, oh yeah. Our national government has fallen in less than 100 days after forming. And now Italy, the only country in the world that´s so chaotic they have to re-vote once almost every year, accuses US of being a banana republic. Sheesh. The Populist right wing has fallen. Curious to see if we´ll see a sudden shift to the left (Progressives, socialists, greens). Oh well, time will tell. I like voting. At least it gives me the illusion that I´m helping to run the country. Mwahaha.

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