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These days it feels like my head weighs twice as much with all these worries crammed up inside. Yeah, it's about work again. My contract has been 'renewed silently', meaning it continues on the same terms as the previous one.

So the good news is I'm safe for another year. The question is: will I survive it and do I want to stay? The answer: Right now, I have NO idea. The last bit of 'security' I had was my colleague Stefano. But he told Bossman yesterday that he's leaving to open his own restaurant. His tasks will most likely be divided between me and another full-time employee: Alen. When Boss finally finds the time to sit down with me, I want some answers. If I get more responsibility, I want a raise, first aid-training and the possibility to follow a course that'll make me an official Food&Beverage-trainer. But still.... in the mean time I keep on searching for that better job, that I most likely won't find anytime soon. Jobs in the hospitality business are rare these days. General unemployment is on the rise again, and with my experience and resume I have little chance of starting a new life in a different line of work. I wish I could do something with music, radio, entertainment or theater.

Bleh, I'm gonna stop talking now. I feel tired and don't want to end up sounding gloomy.

So: have fun everyone, enjoy your weekend. Happy birthday tomorrow Pegla. Sorry I can't be there.
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