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24 hours from now it'll be 2005. Time flies. I'll be celebrating in my old hangout: Irish Pub the Shamrock in Maastricht with old friends, old music and hopefully not so old beer. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone from 'the old crew' again. I can hardly believe that it's already two and a half years since I had to leave that beautiful town.

Anyway, with a bit of luck I won't have to think about work for the next two and a half weeks. I probably will. Rumor has it that all full-time employees whose contracts end december 31st will be offered a new contract, but with an HOURLY wage instead of a set monthly sum. The explanation is that Jan, Feb and Mar are quiet months and bossman uses every trick in the book to lower the costs. On the other hand, this is of course a big slap in the face for the few guys still left on the team. "Thanks for all your hard work, here's your reward: less money." If only I could find something better....

Oh, and I'm STILL LOOKING FOR A DRIVER for next thursday.

And I succombed to the temptation and bought City of Heroes. If you're on the Guardian server, look out for Hollander, Data Miner or Speedycat.
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