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Finally my life is organized enough again for an LJ message. 5 more workingdays to survive. At least, that's what boss tells us. Last weekend the themepark was overtaken by goths, vampires, goblins, elfs, dwarves, you name it. Yes, the Mid Winter Fair took place. Two days with thousands of visitors and a handful of staff to sell drinks and food to the masses. This resulted in long queues, but in the end we managed to get everyone served. It was SO busy that on Sunday we ran out of various products, fries included. I had to drive to a nearby motel/restaurant TWICE to borrow some boxes of fries from them. I estimate we sold nearly 300 kg worth of fries in those two days. Dear lord. Believe it or not, but I still managed to find the time to meet up with _graywolf_, skunktaur, bander, maartje, jonesybunny, pegla, gryphe, johnnyk, hackrabbit, clsa and a few of their friends whose names I unfortunately have forgotten. In the little time we spent together, I bought myself two bottles of mead (one with pine-honey and one with heather-honey) and an expansion set to a cool cardgame I have (Macchiavelli).

So, after working six days a week for two weeks in a row, I'm finally relaxing again, and trying to clean house in the mean time. Yesterday Roomie Rick and I went into town (needed to get a haircut). I knew my pay was gonna be deposited today, so despite my dark financial position, I bought a few cheap DVD's, namely Dinotopia, The 10th Kingdom and Fargo. I also went into the cellphone store and pre-ordered my next mobile since my current contract ends in a little over two months. Back home I fixed dinner (wraps!), had a few beers and then we watched Fargo (loved it!) and Resident Evil: Apocalypse (a disappointment).

Today was more ... relaxed. Didn't get showered and properly dressed until 3pm (shame on me!), but got some cleaning done. Ordered the Return of the King extended DVD set on for a mere 30 Euro's (stores sell it for 35-40). Gotta love their free shipping.

Well, now that the year is almost at an end, I can conclude that it wasn't one of my finest: Lost job, spent two months searching for something new, and now I want to get out of that job again. Tax office billed me twice for previous years, both of the bills hefty. Trouble with a lying, non-paying roommate, leaving Rick and me with a debt worth three months rent to the landlord. No luck in the girlfriend department. Parents and grandparents with healthproblems. The only way is up, I guess.

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