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Scared ya! Hah, let's give you all a mega-short update over the past six weeks.

I lost my job, found a new job, moved house (250 kilometers), moved again (1 km) three days after, met lots of local celebrities at my new job (check out Don't worry, it's in English too ;) and now I live in a former hotel with 30 other employees of the hotel. I've got 6 months to find myself a permanent home, cos that's when the hotel is gonna kick me out of my current room. Most likely it will be in The Hague. Our prince died this weekend (Husband of the Queen).

Let's see, what else for irrational babbling...... Gonna take my folks to see Elton John's Aida in a few weeks (don't tell them ;) and errr.... I'm paying 5 bucks an hour to surf the web in this PC shop. The first thing I'm gonna do when I've moved to the Hague is to get me some serious ADSL :D

So, to sum it all up: A new chapter in the life of Rob has begun. Goodbye Maastricht, Hello Noordwijk aan Zee. Let's hope I've found myself some job security. And fun. And it wouldn't hurt to find some love either ;)

Hope to hear from you all, if only to congratulate me on my new job :)

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