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Ups and downs

Some people have moodswings, I feel like my life has moodswings. The past weeks included everything from pure depression to great joy. No idea where to start.

OK, big 'down'. Roomie Dennis has landed Roomie Rick and me into hot water. Despite months of promises and good intentions, our landlord STILL hasn't received a single penny of rent from him. We (mostly Rick) vouched for him, so we're also very angry at him. Last friday we had another serious talk with him and if he doesn't make a down payment this week, we're gonna throw him out and put a new lock in the frontdoor. 5 months behind, that almost qualifies as a scam. Luckily Rick and I managed to make him sign a contract, so now we have a legally binding paper stating that he has to pay his share of the rent. Still, in the worst case scenario, landlord is gonna turn to Rick and me for the money since we're just as responsible for making sure he gets his rent. That would mean another 1000 Euro setback for each. Needless to say I don't have it, and that it would put me in more debt than I already am thanks to the dutch IRS tax office.

Work has its ups and down as well. Boss seems positive about me, has even apologised for his behaviour and promised to be less extreme. I wonder how long it lasts. He made it official that my colleague with the broken wrists Paulien won't have her contract renewed, leaving only me and Stefano as full-timers in Food & Beverage. Last year there were seven, according to Stefano. I've got three very heavy weeks ahead of me, most likely putting 60+ hours into them. Light me a candle?

Free time is spent at home, not wanting to spend too much cash on going out. Drawback is that I currently don't meet too many people, except online. With these dark days and cold nights, the Winter Blues are creeping up on me as well. A girlfriend would be nice to have again.

What's going alright then? Well, I'm still healthy :) And my planeticket to Turkey has been bought. Between Jan 6 and 16 I'll be in Alanya, checking out my parents' new apartment. Weather will most likely be cold by Mediterranean standards, but it'll always be warmer than in Holland. More good news: The gaming society is thriving. We're currently negotiating with a big gamescompany about hosting a major Settlers of Catan tournament, so we're quite thrilled.
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