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It's been a while since I've written a happy entry, but I'm afraid this one is going to be gloomy again. Workstress and financial stress do that to a guy.

Things are getting out of hand at work. Last year there were six full-timers to run the parties, now we're down to 2, thanks to bossman being such a dickhead that everyone quits their job. Then there's other partymanager Paulien who managed to break BOTH her wrists while on holiday (fell over a low wall) and the senior partymanager Stefano who came down with a serious flu. So, the last two days I had to run everything with boss breathing down my neck. I just don't understand the guy. He reportedly threw a chair across a room this morning because there were too many placed around the tables. I have serious doubts if I want to accept a new contract for the new year. Not when I'm afraid to go to work every day.

And then, just when my finances were starting to seep into positive figures again, the taxman comes knocking. I've reported less income than I made in the year 2000, and now Tax Services wants to collect. With a fine and intrest included, they want me to pay them another 950 Euro's before the beginning of januari. Yes, almost another grand, since I've already had to pay extra over 2003 a few months ago. I know we pay tax for a lot of good (and not so good) reasons, but COME ON! Why are they so intent on sucking me dry? I didn't do it on purpose, it was difficult because I was working in Belgium at the time, etcetera. I can thank dad's tax advisor for doing all the paperwork. Otherwise it would've been even higher.

Tomorrow Rick is having a little party at home to celebrate his 24 birthday. I'm seriously considering to stay in my room the entire day and not come out. I'm not in a very festive mood right now.

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