Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

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Done list:
- Installed Skype (rjtdriessen) and tested with my dad. Easy peasy
- FINALLY got that Playstation Network Adapter properly configured, thanks to kandra. She is teh r0xx0rz. She has beauty AND brains. Oh, how I envy davidwithaknife ;)
- Exchanged broken wireless router for new router, even though landlord bought one for himself last month.
- Got balm for my lips. Winter is always murder on them, especially after cold sore.
- Recieved Sly Raccoon 2 in the mail. Yay for eBay.
- Made a profile at OKCupid. If bander can find someone there, anyone can! (runs, ducks, hides)

To do list:
- Everything more important than the above.
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