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Need more help

I have

- A laptop with all the right gizmo's
- A wireless network receiver hooked up to my laptop via USB (receiving signal from landlords' wireless router downstairs), meaning I surf the net through this receiver.
- A Playstation 2
- A freshly bought PS2 Network Adapter (to play online PS2 games)
- A crossover cable from my laptop to the PS2.

For the love of Pete, I can't get the PS2 online. I *think* I've tried all available options, enabling Internet Connection Sharing, disabling Windows Firewall.

Help, someone? I can also be contacted through ICQ and MSN. Or real phone ;)

Edit: So... my internet access comes in through a USB port, but now I need to get that access through my internal Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller to the PS2. Everytime I start up the PS2, my laptop ASKS it for an IP address when it should be sharing the IP details from the USB receiver with it. My head hurts.
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