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It's 5 am, I just got home after working 16 hours straight. A wedding. 350 guests. Bride was dutch, groom from an islandgroup called 'de Molukken' (don't ask me what it is in English). Anyway, these guys invite every family member they can possibly find, AND they arrange the entire party. I was watching from the sideline while relatives were cooking, doing dishes, tending bar and serving drinks. Talk about weird. I just made sure the bar was stocked, and was rewarded with a plate full of Moluk cuisine. Thought it was a bit bland, and they nodded. They didn't add spices as to not burn the stomaches of their Dutch guests. Mwaha.

Belated happy birthday to hiryu. I should check my lj more often.

I wish I could write more but I'm about to collapse. G'night.
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