Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

Sunday 2 a.m. Wheeee.

I just came back from work and had a great time. Why? Boss wasn't there, and the only party tonight was a themed medieval dinnernight with entertainment. Everything was right: the music, the atmosphere, the food. Only bummer was coming from the guests themselves. They asked if they could hold a little speech. No problem, right? Well, it becomes a problem when the speeches last for 45 minutes! Chef's waiting downstairs, shouting angrily that dinner is ready and should be served asap. Oh well, everything worked out in the end and I came home with 36 Bacardi Breezers. Bought them from boss because he was stuck with them, so I got the booze for wholesale-prices.

Now finally home. Haven't done a live radioshow in months now, working every saturdaynight. Roger doesn't want to move my show to Sunday, so the only option left for me is prerecording. It just isn't the same :/

In other news, Rick caught a tiny mouse while it was checking out the contents of our indoor garbagebin. We emptied the bin into the large container outside, so the little mousie will be in food-heaven. Until the container is emptied. Normally I'd set him free, but this mouse has been terrorizing us for weeks, gnawing at cables, scuffling through our bedrooms in the middle of the night and leaving his droppings in plain sight. So the mouse had to go.

Almost finished downloading Dragon Half. Didn't have it yet, shame on me. I *do* however have Castle of Cagliostro now, officially on DVD. Funny how the Japanese audio sounds really 1979 while the english dub sounds a lot more crisp.
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