Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

Trading Cards
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User Number: 543632
Date Created:2002-04-29
Number of Posts: 343

rob_d lives in a perpetual state of working, sleeping and hanging out online. He likes all kinds of games and is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to movies and music. Chocoholic.
Strengths: Mostly optimistic, always there for his friends, intelligent
Weaknesses: Naive at times, overweight, lack of energy due to not getting enough sleep.
Special Skills: Multilingual
Weapons: Fists of fury, teeth of terror, jaws of jeopardy
Flavor text: May the roof over your head never fall in, and the friends gathered below never fall out - Irish proverb

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Oh, and everyone, check out this movie. Why? Because there are wolves out there......
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