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Let's do an update, shall we?

It's been a while since I found the energy to post something here. McD's still using up most of my strength, even though I've got a few leads to new jobs. Even one pretty close nearby. So perhaps I'll make a few phonecalls tomorrow....

Let's see... What else is up? I've got three gigs with the band this week. The first one was in a tent in a village. Well, village, maybe thorpe is a better word. Or hamlet ;) Folks were too focused on drinking to pay any attention to us, or our pleas to get on the dancefloor. Commoners, yech ;)

Nothing to report in the relationship department, health is OK, people say I look too pale, so I'm looking at visiting a suntan-studio. More yech! I'll admit, I'm no sun worshiper. If there's one way to make me miserable, is to book me a beach holiday. I need to go places, see things, not lie on the beach for hours on end. Definately not my cup of tea.

Just a few more days and I can finally start my holiday! Wednesday leaves my flight to London and on Monday I'll have to go back home. And in between 5 days of Swingin' London. Yeah, baby, yeah! Groovy! Can you tell I'm looking forward to it? I'm gonna forget all my troubles and NOT worry about anything job-related for a few days.
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