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Connection probs are over! Went to the store today to return my broken wireless router. They didn't have the same one anymore, so now they're ordering a brand new one for me. Coolness. Even cooler: landlord ordered a wireless router for himself and installed it today! So, I'm back online.
Spent last night playing snooker (pocketing about 3 balls an hour :D) and pool with a couple of guys from the gameclub. After that we all went to the local studentbar for a nightcap, resulting in me not seeing my bed until 3.30 am.

Dentist reprimanded me for not visiting him the past two years. Punishment: he found one cavity and one faulty filling. Part two: 13 december. Ouch.

In the mean time I bought mom flowers. She was quite stressed two nights ago, mostly work- and healthrelated. I had a good talk with her, and hopefully she's starting to see now that she can't keep going on pushing her limits like she's done for the past 20 years, working constantly in her own little beauty salon. I hope I've convinced her to switch to a 4 day working week. Luckily she's got two holidays coming up, that should do wonders for her mood and peace of mind. Dad's just his plain old self, started working half-days again after being home for months with burnout and heartproblems. They're starting to feel they're not thirty-something anymore (for the record: they're nearing the double 5 mark)

Car's fully functional again, thank goodness. Outside temperature sensor was broke, kept telling the airco that it was 40 degrees Celcius outside, resulting in full force icy air being blown into the car. 72 bloody Euro's. Half for the actual sensor, the other half for installing it. Hooray for modern technology, eh?

Birthday party, Sunday Nov. 7th
Come celebrate my 27th year of undeath. My place will be open all day and night for drinks, snacks and hanging out. Address: Smidstraat 1 in Katwijk. Use your favorite route-planner for info how to get there. If you're coming with public transport, it might be wise to travel together and get a taxi from Leiden Centraal, since busses don't come near my place on sunday *sheeeeesh*. Any more info needed? Just mail me, or leave a message here.
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