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Just a quick heads-up. Phone company screwed up installing my landlords' new line, so I'm still without internet for the next two to three weeks. I just worked 8 days in a row, and tomorrow I'm off to Spiel in Germany, Europe's biggest gamesindustry-convention. Alarmclock goes off at 5.30 am. Wheee. I'm nuts.

I miss you all. I kill what little spare time I have with reading (Finished Dan Brown's Angels and Demons in one day! and I'm now working my way through the Chronicles of Narnia - special thanks to swandog for pointing me in that direction) and Rick's Playstation (Burnout 3, Drakengard).

Just 10 days to go until the park closes. Hopefully I'll have more reasonable hours after that. Boss wants a chat with me next week. Could go both ways since a) things are not going the way he wants them to go but b) I get thanks-emails from satisfied guests. In any case, his irrational behaviour has already led to 4 or 5 employees quitting their jobs, which means that he needs me now harder than before. With a little luck I can use that info to my benefit (raise...)

We'll also have the staff's end-of-season party on october 31st. Rumor is that lots of colleagues end up frenching each other in dark corners after a few alcoholic beverages. Too bad most of the girls at work are 16 years old :D Dang, I'm starting to feel ancient now, turning 27 in two weeks (nov 4th). Maybe I'll throw a party on the 7th, not sure yet. Watch this space for more info.


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Oct. 20th, 2004 02:28 pm (UTC)
*watches this space* ;) Shame to hear about your intarweb-lessness.

And hey, "most of the girls at work are 16 years old". Doesn't that imply there must be some who you find to fit more in your age-preference? :P
Just have yourself a great party, isn't that what matters? :D
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