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This week I can forget all about work and concentrate fully on The Musical.

Work: Was sick last mon, tue and wed. I went back to work on Thursday, since this weekend was gonna be the Big weekend for the themepark, even though I wasn't feeling 100 percent. To make a long story short: Thu 14 hours, Fri 14 hours, Sat 15 hours, Sun 10 hours. That's 53 working hours in 4 days. Ouch indeed. Add to that the fact that I had to drive 180 km on wednesdaynight to bring my car to the garage.

Car: Yup, I had an accident again, though this time it WASN'T my fault :) Picture a crossroads somewhere in town. Trafficlights are not working. I'm driving on the priority lane (meaning that cars from left and right have to give way). A van comes from the right, turns into the same direction as I am going, stops a hundred feet in front of me. I think he has some problem with the clutch so I drive around him. Turns out he was giving way to two kids on scooters. So.... one of them bumps into the side of my car. Girl has some small cuts on her leg, but the entire side of my car is damaged, and her scooter doesn't look good either. Insurance circus commences, and the damage to my car is estimated to 2600 Euro's, over 3000 US bucks. I'm insured, so I won't have to pay that sum, but the insurance companies are still battling on who's responsible. Scootergirl and I both point fingers to the driver of the van, since he was the reason we didn't see each other. Anyway, I know it wasn't my fault. Still, lots of agony and paperwork.

Musical: Our final rehearsal was yesterday, and I was still feeling a bit under the weather. In the mean time I'm staying at my parents for the week, which means I can have some R&R with a tanning bed and a bath. Seriously, my first bath in months..... divine, when you only have a shower at your own apartment. Anyway.... tomorrow two try-outs, after that: 5 shows from thursday to sunday. I hope my voice will stay with me that long. And that I won't forget my lyrics when I'm nervous. Darned Spanish. :) If you want tickets, visit Kelkboom Theatre Productions. There's still more than enough for the sunday matinee....

Other news: I've accepted the position of chairman of the local gamingsociety in Leiden. A bunch of 120 members, most of them students, all of them mad about any kind of games (cargames, boardgames, roleplayinggames, computergames.....). They've had a rough year with a big (verbal) fight between a few members, but the old chairman managed to bring stability. With me as new chairman they're hoping to go back to basics: games. The coming year, I want to try to get into contact with other societies in the region and start up some friendly competitions, maybe even an open dutch tournament for one or two games.

Oh, _graywolf_, feel like going to the theatre again one of these days? The singer of Clannad will be in Leiden in three weeks.

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