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Random thoughts mode again

I made a blunder at work, and things weren't positive to start with. I think my bosses have enough reasons now to not renew my contract next month. So I'm actively searching for a new job again. My current one is beyond saving, I fear.

There aren't any good jobs in the neighborhood, so I'm looking at moving again. Far away this time. Depending on my new job, it could be 150 miles, it could be 1500 miles. I've seen some interesting opportunities at a renowned hotel by the seaside, and there are possibilities abroad as well.

But when I listen to that little dark voice in the back of my head, it tells me of all the things I'm going to have to give up: The beautiful town of Maastricht where I've lived for the past 7 wonderful years. My band. My new apartment. My circle of friends.... So, if I want to stay in the Hospitality business, I'm going to have to move to a new environment.

Then there's option #2: Get OUT of the hospitality business. And this option scares me. I don't KNOW anything but hospitality. Perhaps Sales and Marketing could be something for me, according to a friend, but I have no experience in that department. Granted: I have graduated, I got the right papers, I have great people skills, but I have NO idea which other fields I could be good at besides from Hospitality. That's why I'm gonna go to a few places tomorrow, mainly to get advice on what other job might be suitable for me. It's not a fun decision: Move or start all over in a new line of work.

I tried to set my mind off of my troubles this weekend, just having fun with friends, going out, having some drinks and staring at pretty girls passing by ;) But the weekend turned slightly sour when my parents called to see if I had found me a new job yet. I didn't buy the Saturday newspaper (usually crammed with job opportunities) which was reason enough for my mom to think I didn't put any time or effort into finding something else. Maybe if she looked closely at herself, she'd understand why I haven't been visiting them in 2 months. I love my parents, don't get me wrong, but my mom likes to keep pointing me to my flaws. She says she does it to help me look after myself, but can you imagine how it feels when every phonecalls ends up in a recital of all the things in my life I need to do differently?

Anyway, that's what keeps going through my mind these days. Sheryl Crow once sang that a change might do you good. I disagree. I'm not looking forward to it. Another one of life's bitter pills. But in the end it's clear that I need to do SOMEthing, 'cos I gotta keep putting food on the table, pay rent, bills, etc. etc. It's not easy being independent. And it's even harder if old mistakes come back to haunt you. I haven't had much luck in business, and even less in love so it seems only a matter of time before I win the National Lottery. Heehee :)

My spirit shall not be broken! I'm stronger than anything that life (and mom) throws at me ;) To quote a musical genius from the 20th century: "Life's what happens to you when you're busy making other plans." What a life I'm living, eh?

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