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Gods, where to start? Landlord's modem went poof so I've been without internet for almost a week and a half. Good thing I had enough books to read and work to do or I might have gotten bored. Well, not really. Life's hectic as ever, working 50+ hours a week, rehearsals for the musical, getting involved in a car accident (long story, not my fault), finally getting my own show at the radiostation (one hour a week). Sleeping is becoming more of a hobby than a routine. There's a tray with Red Bull cans in the fridge to kickstart my mornings.

The career-councellor called me last week, curious to find out what I was up to. He was pleased to hear I'd found a job and that it's something I really like doing. It's weak of myself that I didn't call him first. There have been numerous times where I was close to calling, but for some reason I was too ashamed of myself to actually place that call. I went into a downward spiral after losing my job and I just didn't feel like talking to anyone about it. When I'm happy I love to share my happiness with others, but when I'm down and depressed, I crawl into a dark corner and try not to talk to anyone. Either that or I hide my real emotions behind a happy face.

But anyway, I just need to make it through September and I'll be okay again. Few more big parties at the job these next few weeks, then there's the musical of course. Then hopefully I can make some time for a huge celebration at the nearby town of Leiden at the beginning of October (celebrating the fact that their city survived a siege by the Spanish a few centuries ago) and at the end of October, there's the SPIEL convention in Germany, the biggest games convention and trade show in Europe. Then in November or December I'll be taking some time off for a little holiday to mom and dad's holiday apartment in Turkey.

That's my news in a nutshell. And Batman has been spotted at Buckingham Palace.

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