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Well, here I am, at home while most of my friends are off to Germany to visit a anthropomorphic convention (a.k.a. Eurofurence), where there's music, lots and lots of gorgeous art and four days of hanging out with people who share the same appreciation for anything from Disney to Japanese animation and from Don Bluth to Dark Natasha. I'll just have to wait another year, I fear.

So, what do I do? Work, sleep and watch movies (Star Trek First Contact, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, One Hour Photo, Boobs in the wood). The next two weeks will be spent in this fashion, since the party season is in full effect at the park: tomorrow a medieval wedding, this weekend a huge get together of Citroen-car enthousiasts and on wednesday a barbecueparty for 600 guests. And lets not forget a weekend with 250 vikings and a party for 850 guests that'll follow shortly after. Then there's rehearsals for the musical, so you can guess what kind of a zombie I'll be two weeks from now.

At least I got my first paycheck, so money is finally flowing back in, not a moment to soon. Had to accept help from parents again since my car needed to be serviced. But anyway, I'm earning money again, so I can start to pay back debts to the tax office, the electricity company, my landlord and my parents. And I should start saving again.

I have lots more to tell, but I'm also about to fall asleep. Think I'll opt for the latter. Bonk. Zzz.

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