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I finally have enough news to warrant an update again. This to distance myself from other lifejournals that go like

Entry: My day sucked.

Entry next day: I had noodles.

Entry day after: Nothing interesting happened.

Heh, I know I shouldn't be criticizing other LJ's, but some people just seem to have an LJ so they can say they have one, know what I'm saying?
This does NOT apply to my friends. My friends all have cool, useful and interesting LJ's. Word.

So, the past week has been rather quiet. Rick went home to his parents for a couple of days, leaving me home alone. I fell into one of my 'no energy'-moods, meaning I just hung around, surfed the net and watched TV. Even too lazy to play on the PS2, how sick is that? It lasted for 2 days, resulting in staying awake until 6am, then waking up at 2pm and noticing that it WOULD have been a great day for the beach, had I only fallen asleep and woken up earlier. Then suddenly I had this eerie feeling that the walls were closing in on me. I just had to get out, so I called bander, and we went out for chinese at The Golden Wok. Feeling adventurous, I even let the chef stirfry my chicken in their spiciest sauce (Thai Curry). I survived and to celebrate we had Ben&Jerry's back at my place while Bander feasted his eyes on Onimusha 3 and FFX2 on the PS2. Lateron I discovered that 999 games confirmed my appointment with them for next monday. They highlighted though that it was an INFORMAL appointment.

Wednesday, I had two good moments. First: Winning two tickets on the radio for the Photonic Festival in Soest, from 6 to 8 of August. It's a chill-out music festival with lots of visuals and VJ's. pegla, if you're reading this: Wanna go? All we need is a tent (ticket includes use of camping). The other good moment was the themepark Archeon finally calling me for an appointment. The next day at 8pm.

And now it's late at night, somewhere between thursday and friday. The interview went great. I spent a full 90 minutes with the GM/owner of the themepark, who happened to be a graduate from the same Hotelmanagement school as I. He wanted to know everything about me, asked a lot of tough questions, was very direct. It's strange to say it, but .... I kinda liked it. It really showed that he was interested in me and trying to find out if I'm the right man for the job. There's one other candidate for the position, an older married man who lives close to the park. Still, he invited me to return tomorrow (friday) so I can see the staff in action. There's a 40-guest wedding ceremony with drinks and snacks and he wanted me to come take a look (and maybe even give a hand :). Quote: "You can testdrive a car, you can try on a new pair of shoes in a store, so in my opinion you should also be able to 'try out' a job before you decide to take it."

So, things are looking promising, he wants to see me again tomorrow and next week we'll have one or two more interviews in which things like salary and visions will be handled. Also got to meet the Misses and one of the other overhead staffmembers. After 8 weeks of unemployment I'm dying to get back to work. 50% chance that Archeon will hire me and I'm gonna make sure to improve those odds.

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