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I'm up, I'm up! (Mufasa, The Lion King)

Stupid me. I went to bed at 5 am and forgot to turn off the alarmclock. Imagine my frustration at 9 am :) Turned around, fell asleep again and now we're nearing 2 pm. So much for a productive day..... As I stumble around in my bathrobe I see how much I still need to do in my new apartment. It's already 5 weeks since I moved down from the third floor to the ground floor, and on my to-do list are the windowpanes, curtains in the bedroom, hanging up a rail in the bathroom for my showercurtain.... I have the DIY-skills of a toadstool >.< So I guess that means I'll still have to sit down in the shower until a friend of mine with a heavy drill can make me some holes in the walls. That's what you get for being stubborn and refusing your dad's help. I wanted to prove I can stand on my own two legs. Stupid me again :)

Today's a national holiday here in Holland: Queens Day. Don't think too much of it. Lots of flea-markets where the people can try to sell their old junk for a nickle and lots of beer. I think I'll pass. Just two more days and I'll have a few days off. I'm going to a camping by the seaside. Hopefully the weather will improve. Right now it's 10 degrees Celcius and dreadful. Perfect kite weather, but that's the only positive thing I can say about it.

Hello to serenitywolf and chibimun, my first two friends here at livejournal! More will follow, I'm sure of it :)


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