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Rick is now officially on holiday. Well, he's sitting next to me on the couch, but he doesn't have te be back at work until the 1st of september. That's what happens when you sometimes work 60 hours a week in hotel banqueting. He likes it actually :)

Yesterday we went to the beach to work on our tans a little, today was ... no beach weather to put it mildly. Days are going by slowly, and now that Rick's home constantly, we usually spend our time watching DVD's, playing Playstation and drinking beer. Yes, the evil beer. I don't mind a beer or two, but Rick likes a beer almost every day. And he wants me to drink with him. So, out of politeness I share one or two, but now after 4 days of drinking 2 beers a day, I can already feel my stomach starting to bloat again. After today I'm gonna stand up to him and drink water. Or iced tea.

In a sudden rush of energy, I spent a few hours cleaning up all my paperwork I had lying around, putting everything in folders, labelling it properly. After that I sent out a new application to D-Reizen (Netherlands' number 1 chain of travel agencies) for a job as Management Trainee, meaning they train me for 6 months to become a travel agent and the next 6 months I'll be trained to run my own store. Let's see if I'll have more success than I did when trying to become a trainer for the same company.

Furthermore I mailed 999 Games, and they want to set up an interview the first week of august. And as the last action this week, I phoned the head office of Center Parcs. I worked for Center Parcs for over two years, and I still remembered the name of someone who was in charge of the management training program. Just my bad luck that he's not working for the company anymore. I got the name of his replacement, but that guy's on holiday for the next couple of weeks. Would've been nice to have some help on the inside. I'll see if I can pull some strings with my former bosses. Shouldn't be too hard to return to Center Parcs, but if I want to keep my apartment in Katwijk, it'd have to be the parc in Zandvoort.

Anyone else have trouble sleeping lately? Stays too warm at night, and if I keep a window open, the bugs come to drink my blood.

I made pasta salad today with pesto, tomato, haricots verts, penne, olive oil and cooked chicken. I was pretty proud of myself.

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