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Am I a deep sleeper or what?

This morning, a small earthquake (4.9 on the Richter scale) rumbled through the area, with the epicenter only 20 miles from my home. I slept right through it. Figures.... every time something interesting happens, I miss it :) Nothing in my home gives the impression that anything happened though. Nothing fallen or broken.

I can remember another earthquake 10 years ago, that one was 5.8 on the Richter scale and was enough to wake me up (we were 50 miles from the epicenter). The first thing I thought when the house was shaking slightly was "Dammit, mom, we've gotta get a new washingmachine." (If you don't get it, let me know ;)

Well, since I'm awake now anyway (dad called to check if I was OK), might as well make this a proper update. Things seem to be improving at work, but I'd still rather find something else. I finally have two days off now, after working a whopping 9. Gotta get an insurance issue sorted (niece broke my blender), and file a lot of paperwork. Sometimes it's tough living on your own :)

Oh yeah, yesterday was a fun day. NOT. Woke up at 10, showered and got dressed and went to a friend to celebrate her birthday. 25 I guess..... She invited a whole bunch of friends and together we went to the woods. Turned out she had a whole route planned for us, including several checkpoints where we had to play games. Weird... Can you imagine going to a party for someone who turns 25 and who makes you run through the woods, shave balloons, make figures with Tangram, and make clothing out of old newspapers? It felt like a party for 10-year-olds.

All in all, I was quite tired after the hike and the games, and I still had a full day of work to look forward to. Sundaynight is always a busy night, regardless of which McD's you work. It was 2am before I went home and MAN was I tired. Enough to make you sleep through an earthquake ;-) If it had been powerful enough to destroy my house, at least I would've died peacefully and blissfully unaware :D Not that I have any suicidal tendencies, so rest assured, dear readers.

We'll see what the next two days bring me. Rest hopefully :) Gonna unwind, have a glass of wine, shop a little, iron a little and chill. And if work calls, I'm not in, gnagnagnagna.

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