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There's this website called As you might suspect this is sort of a reunion website where you can register, tell which schools you visited and see if any old friends are also in the database. Fun so far, right?

Wrong. Once you've finally filled out all the necessary data, you can't send anyone a message unless you cough up 10 Euro's for a year. Well, that's not so bad, you think. That's when I decided to look through the database and see what my old friends have been up to.
A: went to Chili and Spain, now lives in Spain and is a revenue manager for two large hotels.
B: went to the USA to do a management trainee program with Intercontinental Hotels and now lives in Holland again as F&B manager for a huge hospital complex with three restaurants.
C: went to med-school and is now assistant-gynacologist at a hospital

That's when I stopped searching. I feel like such a failure now.

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