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Status of jobhunting:

- Event coordinator - turned down, too late with application
- Restaurantchef - turned down, better candidates
- Finincial trainee - turned down, they only work with people fresh out of school
- Cashier at airport - turned it down myself. Dead end job.
- Assistant cateringmanager at themepark - No news as of yet. Should come in this week.
- 999 Games - open application went out today. Made a boardgame in Powerpoint, titled: "Rob, get a job".
- Hotel Des Indes, The Hague - meeting with F&B manager this friday, 10.45 am.

To-do list of annoying jobs. Mostly to demotivate myself

- Finish homework for careercouncellor.
- Iron your t-shirts
- Write down thoughts about uncle's latest project: a medical care-hotel right next to his multifunctional sportscenter.
- Find job as bartender to get at least SOME cash in
- Stick to diet.
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