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It's time for the newsticker again.

Interview at Hotel Ara was over in 15 mins. They have a better candidate for the job than me. Gee, what a surprise. Not.
Got a call later today from a five star hotel in The Hague (Des Indes). They got my CV from the net and want a meeting this friday.
I have to drive to Hilversum AGAIN next wednesday to pick up a large order for mom's beauty salon. My trunk will be full with all kinds of creams and powders. Teh horror.
Still no word from the application at the theme park.
Donated blood again today. Doctor stabbed me in the arm 5 times, trying to get to a vein that wouldn't sit still. In the end he gave up and tried my other arm. Double owie.
No money, no job, no girlfriend, but at least I still got my health *cough*
I need to resume my diet
The TV ate my brain
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