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At parents now, staying for the night. Got a rehearsal tomorrow with the entire band from the musical. First time that I'll see the bandmembers. Cool.

Mom and dad are doing better. At least they're healthy enough to start interrogating me again. They found out about my .... issues with the IRS/Belastingdienst. So mom decides to lecture me about how I don't know how to handle money responsibly, that I never manage to keep anything on a savings account and that I never have anything in reserve in case of unexpected expenses. Great ma, I just needed you to rub that in. Thank you very much.

Watched Van Helsing (bad Telesync >.<), thinking it rather funny that Kate Beckinsale first WAS a vampire (Underworld), and now hunts them.

Later at night, dad and me went to a funfair in a little town next to Eindhoven (Best). The fair in Best always has quite good rides, and it's one of the cheapest fairs in the country. Blew 5 Euros on a dartgame while trying to win a large plush tiger, and dad bought ma some candy (the infamous Kaneelstok - 'Cinnamon Stick'). We walked past all the wild rides, the rollerghoster, the mirrorpalace and all that stuff and I started to feel the first signs of aging: watching a fast and furious ride and thinking "I'm getting too old for this."

Anyway, the last surprise of the day was when I decided to rinse my mouth with Listerine for the first time evah. It has alcohol in it. You need to rinse for 30 seconds. IT F***ING STINGS LIKE H3LL !!! Ouch! My mouth feels numb now. I need sleep.

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