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Slept in (which is more of a daily thing when you're unemployed), cleaned the house, watched Willow on DVD (thanks, bander!) and spent a few hours behind my PC, working on a little pet project.

Speaking of which......

First draft, work in progress. After weeks of collecting songs, listening to them and selecting the most useful ones, I've finished the first version of the 'furry' dancemix. I'd like it to premier at Eurofurence, but anyway, still lots of work to be done before I consider it ready for big audiences :)

Tracklist, version 1.0

1. Snoop Doggy Dog - What's my name
2. Coolio & George Clinton - Atomic Dog
3. George Michael - Shoot the Dog
4. Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride (Fat Boy Slim remix)
5. Video Kids - Woodpeckers from space
6. Was Not Was - Walk the Dinosaur
7. Paula Abdul & MC Skat Kat - Opposites Attract
8. Heart Attack - Eye Of The Tiger (Club Mix)
9. Felix da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene
10. Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch (Eiffel 65 remix)
11. Mighty Dub Cats - Magic Carpet Ride
12. Laurent Wolf - Tiger
13. Henry Mancini - Pink Panther Theme (remix)
14. Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (2-step remix)
15. Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out (Eiffel 65 Remix)
16. Tom Wilson - Technocat
17. Praise Cats - Shine On Me
18. Aqua - Butterfly
19. Papaya - Pink Dinosaur
20. The Hamster Dance (Club mix)
21. Faithless - Tarantula (Tiesto remix)
22. Hampenberg - Duck Toy
23. Nelly Furtado - I'm like a bird (Nelly vs. Asha remix)
24. Can you feel the love tonight ? (Dance remix)
25. DJ Sammy - El Condor Pasa
26. Dave Clark - The Wolf
27. Space Cat - Hellium.

From 100 to 141 bpm in a little over 55 mins. Still have to find a suitable intro and outro. Anyone got any good animaniacs samples for me? (Pinky & Brain, Buttons & Mindy). Also, more suggestions for songs always welcome.

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