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Wanted: Change

I now officially want to quit my job. McD, burn in hell.

You may wonder what caused this sudden change in tone? Two words: Big Boss.
On Monday I had my first 'evaluation interview'. Normally a time to see how the past few months went and what needs to be improved the next few. I had the interview with my direct chef (Assistant Manager), his chef (Restaurant Manager) and Big Boss (Franchise Owner, has 4 McD's). Big Boss was in a hurry, so he asked if we could start with the conclusion. The AM had written the report about me, and talked it through with the RM.

Anywayyyy, bottom line was that I needed to become tougher on the crew. I socialize too much with them, which could undermine my authority. Furthermore I needed to get stricter on following all procedures. When someone forgets his namebadge or cap, I'm supposed to send him back home to get it. Even when it's busy. But the good news was that I was showing a lot of commitment, putting effort into it and seemed motivated.

Big Boss wasn't too impressed with it though. Out of the blue, I was told that I needed to straighten up my act before September 1st, or my contract wouldn't be renewed. And then Big Boss left the office room. The others continued to recite their report afterwards, and I simply sat there, stunned. This is my thanks for working my butt off, working extra shift without complaining and trying to do my job as good as possible? F*ck you, Big Boss!

He only needed to needed to listen 5 minutes to form his conclusion. He doesn't want to invest any more time and money in me, if he's not sure I'm up to the task of being a manager at McD's. He didn't look at my progress these past 4 and a half months I've been working there, he simply saw me as a possible liability. The weakest link, or at least, that's how I feel right now. I have 6 more weeks to prove myself and my worth.

And that's something I refuse to do. I know I still have some things to learn, I know I sometimes overlook a task, but the way Big Boss treated me is a kick in the ribs. My motivation has just dropped to an all time low.

After sharing this wonderful news with my parents (I even cried on the phone), the whole rumor mill started to work. The next day I got calls from my aunt, an uncle, my dad again and my mom again. All of them with different advice for me, ranging from "If you can't toughen up, you'll never be a manager" to "Quit today, and go and work for the radio or television." I'm too confused....

I should write more, but I'm too tired to go on right now. I'll try and update tomorrow. If anyone's reading this... I could use a hug right about now.


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Jul. 17th, 2002 05:27 pm (UTC)
*big hugs*
I'm sorry to hear the review didn't go so well. If that Big Boss guy wants to be such a jerk, let him. At least you don't have to work with him on a regular basis.
After your head has cleared and you're feeling a little less confused, ask yourself this: do you want to have a job that stresses you out like this? A job that you don't look forward to?
A wise man once said, "If you can find a job that you love, you'll never have to work another day in your life." Words to live by.
Feel better, hun. *hug*

Jul. 17th, 2002 05:44 pm (UTC)
*squeezes..* Least I could do..

I've known a fair number of people who've worked at McD's in various capacities. So far, its been universal disgust and a slight shiver upon the mention of working there, for those I know.. so, such things aren't unheard of when dealing with them, though that's probably little consolation..

I've had a manager like that before, though I was in a less important position than you are. I came in horribly ill one day.. No consolation.. Not a bit of concern for me.. Just told me I better be able to push sixty pieces an hour dispute it anyhow. And better stop being sick, or else. (As if I could..) Of course, he was the store manager, which made it all the more shocking at the time.. My immediate managers were much more kind about it..

Doesn't seem to different from McD, though. The store owner is harsh and just harsh to the managers, who either become scary mean bitches themselves, and lose the respect of their workers for fear, manage to play both sides how they want, or end up leaving one way or another. Its not always that way, just.. mostly that way.

I really only had to deal with this person once in a blue moon, however, thankfully. My current job has a wonderful store manager, who will tell me exactly what she thinks, but will also listen, reason, go into detail, and come around with questions and concerns for my happiness there. I'm going to cling to this job for a while. I've only had one more like it, but that was essentially entirely different, as I was a partner essentially..

Your McD's is a franchise, which seems to make things worse. He's the one everyone will have to go to and listen to.. He's the god there, not the corporate higher ups.. I can understand why its so harsh. There's no one else you can go to who has anyone above him to follow. He's it.. *squeeze..* I stuck with a horrid job until I got a better job to replace it. Though its not always possible, and definetly not desired, its a good thing to stick with what you have now, and use it as a stepping stone to get elsewhere.. There's at least some security in that. The big problem is finding some way to present your reason for wanting to leave your old job that won't put off a potential employer. To my experience, most places don't like that. But then again, most places don't like to see that you've quit, either.. Perhaps the reason to give? *hugs tight once more..*

Am sorry you had to go through that.. The corporate world: Crushing Souls, Hopes, and Dreams since 1600! They want their mindless zombie drone, not a person. And there's an endless stream of people after they can draw from. That's why my Plain Hamburgers with Nothing On Them so often end up as Cheese Burgers with Extra Crud at the checkout, I think. And I complain, but too often get that souless, broken stare of worn out inhuman indifference.. Well, if they've been at burger-chain-X long enough, that is. Otherwise its the newbie's fear and horror at facing what your boss wants to make you into.

Don't want you souless, or jobless though, even if I so rarely get to see you.. *hugs tightly one final time..*
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