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OK, where to begin.

Holland stranded in the semi-finals of the Eurocup Soccer 2004. Portugal proved too strong, congrats to them

Called the medieval themepark, my application was received and they'll get back to everyone next week.
I have the interview at the jobrecruitment agency in a little under two hours. I managed to discover at which hotel they're considering me for the position of Restaurant Manager. It's Hotel Ara, belonging to the Van Der Valk concern. If you're dutch, you know the name. If not: the Valk hotels and motels are mostly situated at highways and are famous for lots of (mediocre) food at reasonable prices. That, and the cocktail cherry in their applesauce. In Holland and Belgium they have a bit of a sub-standard reputation, not as classy as the international hotel chains like Hilton, Merriot etc. Still, most of their hotels and motels are either 3 or 4 star. This Hotel Ara is (according to the website) one of their high-end hotels. NOT next to a highway, but next to a river, with 80 rooms, a big restaurant and lots of activities. More of a weekend-break hotel. Doesn't sound too bad, but the position they offer is in my opinion not as interesting as the one at the themepark. Oh well, I can always feign interest.

I think I have an idea for the game company I still want to send an open application to. Hope to have it finished before the weekend.

Then, in other news, Tineke, the director/vocal teacher called me and said that she's gonna kick Humphrey (the other lead singer) out of the production. He hasn't studied his songs, and he's totally unable to sing and dance at the same time, so keeping him on board longer would only worsen the situation. This means that I'll be doing all 5 shows, in stead of 2 and a half. Thursday to Sunday night with a matinee on sunday afternoon. If you want to come, I'll help you order tickets (we don't get any free ones, sorry). Shows are from 30 september to 3 October in Het Klooster in Nuenen (next to Eindhoven). More details will undoubtly follow. Yay for me!
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