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- Assistent Cateringmanager at Themepark Archeon: Mailed my application yesterday, hope to hear from it soon.
- Cashier/Bankemployee at airport: Sent the recruiter an email asking for more info. If I end up choosing this job, I want rocksolid proof that I can make promotion. Don't want to end up in a glass jail behind customs for more than 9 months.
- Restaurant manager at 4-star hotel somewhere south of Rotterdam: I've made an appoitment with the recruiter for next Thursday. He seems anxious to meet me, so I'm not gonna tell him beforehand that this job is the least attractive on my list. :)
- Financial trainee for a bank or insurance company: I found a company that offers a 2-year contract in which you learn all the ropes of working at a bank through various placements. I'm always for learning new things, especially when you get paid to learn, instead of having to pay to learn something. Sent them a request for an appointment before the weekend. Haven't heard from them yet.
- 999 Games: Still thinking of a way to send them an original letter/email. They don't show any job offers on their website, just an email addy where you can send your resume to if you're interested in working for them.

Other activities
- I might be going to an official audition soon! The son of my director/singing teacher works in the theater biz (lighting and sound) and heard that there's a new musical in the making, based on the classic movie The Breakfast Club. He was told that if he knew people that would be right for the job, he should pass the word. I was one of the first that crossed his mind. How's that for coolness!? No further info yet, but I'm checking my email ten times a day :)
- It's summerbreak at the webradiostation, so no shows for the next two months or so. I've made another jingle that Roger really liked, and he's really focussed on getting me my own show after the summer. We've also agreed to make me a demo which I can send to bigger (real) radiostations. I'd even settle for a show from 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. once a week if it meant getting myself in the studio of a national station.

- Mostly financial. Haven't heard from the IRS/Belastingdienst, nor from dad's taxadvisor, nor from the unemployment benefit office. Roomie Gerben is moving out in a few days, so Rick and I have to split the rent for the empty room. There's someone coming to view the room tomorrow, who wants it starting September. Hopefully we can persuade him to take the room starting August.
- Parents: Watched the Holland vs Sweden game at home. Dad's struggling with his heart again (irregular pulse), and mom was sick; something to do with fluid in her head that kept pushing against her eardrums resulting in irritated drums and stabs of pain in her head. They're visibly getting older, even though they're only in their mid-fifties. Mom's been struggling with her health ever since her early forties (hormones went beserk during menopause), so I fear her body's slowly reaching the limits of what it can take. She's at the doctor as I write this, hopefully he can take some of our worries away.

Hugs go out to everyone who can use them.

P.S. Gina, you should get an account here. Just an account. You don't have to write your own posts, but having that account would enable me to make 'friends-only' posts without keeping you out of the loop.
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