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The letter to the themepark has been posted today, should reach its destination tomorrow.
I've ironed a bit, found too many shirts with strange stains. Dunno if there's something in the water, but I hope I can get them clean again with stain remover. Those classic shirts don't come cheap.
The semi-finals for the European Championships Soccer will be Portugal vs HOLLAND, and Greece vs Czech Republic. We've finally exorcised our penalty-demons.
Kill Bill vol. 2 is a kickass movie, with a few EWWWW!-scenes. Poor Elle Driver is all I'll say :D

I'm also considering sending a letter of application to a gamescompany called 999 Games. They publish all kinds of board- and cardgames (including Settlers of Catan and Blue Moon), and it would be cool to be working there in sales or promotion, giving demonstrations or something. What do you think I should send THEM as original application? :)

EDIT:bander, that gamesdeveloper we talked about on Friday is called Guerrilla. I haven't found their corporate website (could be they don't have any), the only thing I could find was the site for their new game Shellshock 'Nam. Hope it helps a little.

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