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And it's Friday again

Strange how things can change from one day to the next.

- thanks to thaily, I found a great art supply store where I bought paper with a parchment motive, a matching envelope, sealing wax and a seal stamp with a medieval 'R' on it.
- thanks to hiryu, I found a good found a new good address for Dim Sum in Rotterdam
- thanks to bander, I now know how to play Blue Moon
- thanks to swandog, I got my hands on a few great medieval fonts
- thanks to myself, I printed my resume and my application letter (the latter one in Old English font) on the parchment, stuck it in the envelope and sealed it with the wax and the stamp. I used the same font to print the address of the company on the front of the envelope. And now my room smells of molten wax......

I'm so goddamn proud of myself. And I love my friends.

I really hope this works out. If not, I've received two job offers today from headhunters who found my resume on the internet. One's for a Restaurant Supervisor in a 4 star hotel, the other's for Bank employee/Cashier behind customs at Amsterdam Airport. Weirdness....

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