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Things have gone slightly quiet, apart from work. I don't want my LJ to turn into a weekly complaining session about Mickey D's, so I'll try to keep my mouth shut about working too much, getting payed too little and taking too much crap from my superiors. Oh, drats, now I said it. :) I suppose there are worse jobs in the world, and at times it can be fun working there, but when taking everything into account, it's far from the ideal job. If I had the opportunity, I'd :
a) make my living with music and the band.
b) have my own radio show
c) do voices for cartoons (preferably Disney movies ;)
d) open a Games-store /slash/ family café.
Here's to all the dreamers out there....

I wish I could press a big "Pause" button in the sky and wrap up my old projects before starting new ones. I have a whole lot of personal paperwork that still needs to be processed and filed... I'm still trying to get a new blender after the old one broke when I moved house (and that was almost 4 months ago). Why do insurance companies always ask for receipts you don't have anymore?

Then there's that cartoondrawing course that's still standing on my bookshelf. Unused. I'm supposed to read two chapters a month and send my homework to a cartoonist. Why did I spend so much money on the damned course, only to let it gather cobwebs? Maybe I got second thoughts about my artistic skills ;) All my skill has already gone into my voice perhaps.

LAN-party was a success, gaming for 12 hours, only stopping for dinner and toilet-breaks. Eating gamers food (coke, pizza and crisps). My doctor's gonna kill me, if only I hadn't missed my appointment last week. What use is a filofax if you don't use it? My life is way too chaotic right now. Even my mom tells me to make a schedule so I clean every bit of the house regularly.

Contact between me and the rest of the family is slowly falling to zero. Mom phones me once or twice a week, and I haven't seen my grandfolks in months. I still owe my brother a wallet for his birthday (now 6 weeks ago), and I promised to buy mom and dad tickets to Aida for theirs. If only I'd known the prices beforehand.... Ouch.

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