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The headlines

SPORTS: Netherlands beat Latvia 3-0 and the Germans lose from the Czech republic, meaning that we're in the quarterfinals of the European soccer championships, facing Sweden next saturday. kandra will be my enemy for just one night (more if we lose ;)

ECONOMY: Another appointment at the job-office today, and they found a few interesting offers for me, at a local open air museum where they also organise themed dinners and parties in medieval or roman style. Perfect place to give my imagination some room. Cross your fingers.

ENTERTAINMENT: The Big Lebowski is a STRANGE movie...... Psycho John Goodman. Heh. Oh, and bander, I bought Blue Moon today in the local game store. It was even cheaper than at the fair, go figure. Quite interesting game, we should play soon.

THIS JUST IN: I'm bored and braindead. Note to self: next time when posting pictures, make sure they're hidden from pegla.
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