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Ouch, just worked around the clock. Now I know what a milkshake-machine looks like from the inside. Yup, that's info that'll get you further in life.... :) Furthermore I had an appointment with the doctor this morning about losing weight. It's been a few months since I last dared to step on the scale, and what I saw scared me. If I ever want to reach my *ideal* weight, I need to lose 18 kilo's. More ouch. But the doctor said we're gonna take our time, not push anything and try to lose 8 kilo's at first. If I lose 1 kilo each month, that adds up to 12 in a year. Doesn't sound too bad, does it?

I'm gonna miss band-rehearsal tomorrow, since I got a late shift again. Drats. I'm the singer of a 70's and 80's coverband, and in my humble opinion: we rule! :) We held a mini concert last weekend where 'possible buyers' and some hotshots from the local music-industry could check us out. The reactions were quite positive. There's even a possibility we're gonna be booked for a big 70's soul revival party. I'm crossing my fingers :) Well, more about me tomorrow. My bed calls out to me....

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