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Bad day

1. Had a meeting with ex-boss who helped me rewrite my resume. Turned out to be full of contradictions. Felt awkward, walking around in the halls where I worked for almost two years.
2. Job agency called me about the Event Coordinator job I'd applied for. My application came too late, since they're already busy with round two. Bah.
3. Called with dad's tax advisor today, to check if everything went OK with my appeal against the fine and everything I got from the dutch IRS. Turned out they hadn't checked their email yet. Sweeet >.< A few calls back and forth and finally the official letter of appeal went out today, JUST in time before the deadline. You'd think that tax advisort check their email once a day, let alone once a WEEK.

I'm not happy today. Wouldn't surprise me if Germany makes minced meat of Holland today in the European Soccer Championships.
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