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Back from the NJOY festival. It was a lot of fun, but let's start at the beginning.
Me and Gerben bought some cookies and a few drinks at the supermarket. The drinks were little carton packs because I read on the web that cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles were prohibited. After a 90 minute drive, we arrived at the venue, Six Flags Holland, perfectly on time: 12.00

First 7 Euro's to park the car. Holy moolah! A few minutes later, we'd already lost the drinks. Turns out that NO DRINKS whatsoever were allowed on the terrain, since the organisation wanted everyone to spend $$$ on the terrain. Bleh. Oh well, it was only another 2 Euro's down the drain. The terrain itself was nice, wide, lots to see and never too crowded. The weathergods couldn't decide whether they were with us or against us, so every 30 minutes we had 5 minutes of heavy rainfall. Luckily there were more than enough tents to find shelter.

Urban tent, partymusic tent, new promising bands tent, big DJ tent, Dance classics tent, streetsoccer tent, Cosmo make up and fashion tent. Oh, and a small tent where a DJ was busy breaking the worldrecord non-stop DJ'ing. That guy was already behind the wheels of steel for 50 hours! And he had another 46 to go. Oh. My. God. I got tricked into joining a CD & DVD ordering club, but got 7 CD's as a welcoming present. Now all I have to do is order at least one CD or DVD every two months for the next two years. It's so hard for me to just say "NO" to anyone but Jehova's witnesses. :D

The next six hours, Gerben and I walked around the terrain, saw Ricky Rivaro, DJ Jean, Krezip, Van Dik Hout, Wipneus & Pim, Birgit, Dana, Joost Gielen (Yes, all dutch artists and DJ's), drank iced cappuchino and watched bits from the soccermatch Portugal - Greece beamed onto the wall of a tent. I exchanged a few text messages with _graywolf_, who silently wondered what I would like in a corset :p.

Back home, we microwaved a package of ready-made pancakes and munched while watching the second European Championship soccermatch of the day. In the mail I got a letter from a Belgian bank, informing me I still have some cash in an account there, some life-insurance thing. If I leave the money there, I'll get a nice sum once I turn 60 years old. Supposing I'll ever get that far, hehe. Just ... errr... a little over 33 years to go.

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