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Jun. 11th, 2004

Did some groceries today, also got a few new jars of paint for my Bloodbowl team of miniatures. Ah, such alluring names like Skull White, Blood Red and Chainmail. In other news, I also bought the second expansion to Munchkin, so yes, I now have all the Munchkin cards. Whee!

I don't know why, but I had a sudden craving for Cuba libre, so I went into the liquor store and said to the guy: "I want a bottle of your cheapest rum, 'cos I'm gonna only use it for mixing anyway." And now I have a bottle of Rum from Guyana. Go figure. The buzz is the same. Strange how I can drink 10 Bacardi's and coke and wake up fine the next morning, while 4 beers get me a one way ticket to the Man With The Hammer.

Nothing on TV, Playstation dead, nothing happening online. So now I started to download Shrek 2. It's a bad telesync (meaning someone took their camera into the cinema), but as far as I can see from the pieces I've downloaded, it's ... watchable. With some luck I'll have it sundaynight.

Roomie Gerben surprised me with a ticket to N-Joy, the newest festival in Holland, organised by the biggest dance-event company in the country. Terrain is right next to the dutch Six Flags themepark. Heh, guess I'll be clubhopping the entire day tomorrow. Must remember to pack suntanlotion, water and umbrella. Gotta love that unpredictable dutch weather.

Also, just one more week to Elf Fantasy. Who's going on what day? Check elffantasy.nl for programs.


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Jun. 11th, 2004 03:29 pm (UTC)

I got myself 'Star Munchkin' and 'Clown Wars' :D

And We'll have to discuss something about Elf Fair. Who/where/how.. etc..
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