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OMG Thursday again?

Unemployment sucks. As of this tuesday I'm waiting for the result on my first serious application as an event coordinator. Keep your fingers crossed. If that doesn't work out, I have a plan B, assistant manager for the company that runs all the foodstalls and restaurants at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. But that would mean living in service of the company: days, nights, weekends, everything).

So, what else have I done to kill time? Rick's Playstation has gone *poof*. The sledge that moves the laser back and forth doesn't slide anymore. With a bit of luck it can be fixed with just replacing a little plastic part. Then again, the thing is over 5 years old. That's ancient for a console. He might just decide to buy a new one, silver.

Tuesday afternoon was spent on the beach: reading, getting a tan, admiring all the eyecandy (beachbabes! :D). At night I decided to take Rick on a little trip to Amsterdam, where I lured him to one of the most famous pubs there: Cafe Gollem!, where you can choose from 200 different kinds of beer. He tried a Czech Urquell and a belgian raspberry beer, while I went for the stronger stuff: Duvel (not the famous red Duvel, but its little brother, the green Duvel!), then a Budels Meibock and finally a Tripel Karmeliet. Meanwhile I taught Rick how to play Blackjack, since I still had two free tickets to the casino.

Upon getting there, I was told that I had earned a Favorites Card, something like a membership card. Now I have free entrance to all the dutch Holland Casino's for the next two years. Oy vey. Anyway, we concentrated on the Blackjack table and both walked out with 50 Euro's profit and a lot of fun was had (his first time at the casino, awww). Oh yeah, we also passed the American Book Center where I could finally get the latest Drizzt Do'Urden book: The Lone Drow.

Wednesday I vegetated on the couch. Since the Playstation is broke, and I've seen every DVD we own, I decided to read a little. At 19.30 I looked up at the clock and discovered I'd been reading for 7 hours, and that I'd finished my new book o.O

And today is Thursday: European Parliament voting day. Being a good furry, I'll be voting the Green party. Well, the fact that I'm a member also helps ;)

Thoughts to out to sarahskunkie and _graywolf_. Strength and good health to both of you.

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