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09.00 Alarmclock. Slight hangover. Bad lambrusco (probably not the lambrusco, but in combination with beer)
10.20 Pick up bander at Leiden railwaystation
11.00 With slight detour arrival at Keukenhof Castle for Celtic Festival.
12.00 Already seen everything (lots and lots of bagpipes, highland games, lots and lots of dogs: some of them trying to race after a mechanically propelled piece of plastic tape, stands with food {Strawberry jam with champagne, irish garlic cheese, STRONG Irish mustard}, travel, whisky, clothes [including Braveheart T-shirts. I weep], bagpipes, bodhranns, music, lifestyle stuff, fantasy stuff, etc)
13.00 Win a whiskytasting glass in a WAY TOO DIFFICULT whiskyquiz.
14.00 See Rapalje perform, get signatures.
15.00 Pitstop at whisky-shop, get pewter Famous Grouse keychainhanger, go home, taking Bander along
16.00 Play SSX3, let Bander try to solve a problem with my laptop
18.00 Dinner. I cooked! *gasp*
20.00 Drop off Bander at station after letting him listen to all kinds of weird music and George Carlin
21.00 Watch Cube with Roommate Rick
23.00 Sleepytime.

Tomorrow, the jobhunt continues.

Important service announcement for the dutchies:
18 - 20 June
Elf Fantasy Fair
Keukenhof Castle, Lisse
The biggest annual fantasy event in Europe

Andy Serkis (Gollem!), Clive Barker, food, drinks, music (Jan Vayne, Omnia, Rapalje again ;), live roleplay, battlefield, games, poetry, witches, broomsticks, shops, etc. etc.
For more info: click here.

Who's coming with me? :) Maybe I'll be going all days. Was fun enough last year (despite the rain)

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