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Well, I've helped stimulating the dutch economy these past two days, that's for sure.

Tuesday, I went to Amsterdam, just windowshopping and walking around. After parking underneath the Olympic Stadium (Yes, we once hosted the Olympics. 1928 to be precise), I took the tram to the city center and made my first stop at Hajenius Cigars. Not that I'm a smoker all of a sudden, but it's a famous brand, also being sold at the hotel I used to work. I must admit, it was pretty interesting, including a small museum, a private smoking chamber and (get this!) personal cigar lockers! If you've got cash to spend, you can rent your own locker at the shop and your cigars will be stored in there under perfect conditions until you come in to smoke them or let them be delivered to you by a courier. Keh.

After that, I nosed around at The American Book Center, but couldn't find what I was looking for. However, I bumped into a few friends from the gaming society, and we went for a drink at my favorite irish pub until it was time for them to leave. I felt strangely optimistic and decided to have a look inside the casino. At first I was just checking to see if there were any job offers, but alas. When I heard that there was gonna be a poker tournament that night, I decided to stick around. Curiosity got the better of me and I actually joined the tournament. Two hours later I was out of the tournament. It cost me 60 Euro's, but in my opinion it was money well spent, 'cos I learned a lot about Texas-Hold-'em No-Limit and I managed to win a few rounds from the pro's.

Wednesday: called my brother to wish him a happy birthday. I asked what he wanted, and decided to go to The Hague to get him his present, AND to go see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I really enjoyed it, very nice camerawork and enjoyable special effects (Buckbeak!), but a LOT from the book was dropped, like the entire Rita Skeeter subplot. [Rob, that's book 4, you idjit!] Oh well, you can't expect a director to cram everything from the book into a movie, or the movie would be at least 5 hours long.

So, back home now, middle of the night again. I have no life :)

For anyone who wants to go to the Celtic Festival with me this weekend (oooh, Rapalje will be playing!), do you have a preference for Saturday or Sunday?
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