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Every day that you wake up to is a good day.

My last days at work were extremely busy. Friday I came in to work at 6pm. Normally the bar closes at 1am and after cleaning and restocking you can go home at 2am. Nothing wrong with that. BUT.... that day a group of german employees of an insurance company held their annual staffparty at our hotel, and they wanted to change something about their schedule. Normally they would have an after-party in the nightclub downstairs, but instead they opted for having it at.. THE BAR! So instead of closing at 1am, the bar had to stay open until 4am. OMGWTF?!? Until 11pm it was pretty quiet so I used the time to stock the bar up to max capacity, including cutting a few hundred lime wedges for cocktails. Yes, they were allowed to order a few cocktails as well. Caipirinha anyone? >.< To make a long story short: at 11pm the fun started, first with coffee, later with beer, wine, cocktails and soda's. I got help from a few guys at the banqueting department, but time flew by as we did nothing but fix drinks and take orders. Holy guacemole. Around 3am there were only about 25 people left, most of them staff and organisers from the party. We managed to clean and restock quite a bit, but at 4am the contactperson asked us if we could stay open just a little bit longer. ERF! It's a five star hotel.... so we had no choice but to stay open, since the bar was now virtually theirs. Luckily she asked for the check around 4.30 am. And she rewarded our patience. WHOPPING TIP! WOOHOO! Anyway, it was 5am before everything was clean and locked, we drank a beer ourselves and it was daylight again when I went home. Zoinks.

The next day: a hotel almost full with tourists, no business people today. Since there was gonna be sports on TV (Soccer/football Holland vs. Belgium - testmatch), me and my co-worker knew it was gonna be another busy night. Add to that the fact that both restaurants in the hotel were fully booked and that it's a long weekend. So it wasn't long before the bar was PACKED. Every available seat was taken and while Willem (co-worker) focused on serving everyone at the bar, I walked around with tray, pen and paper to take orders at the tables. More cocktails, more beer, more of everything, it was like a pack of hungry and thirsty wolves (No offense, Gray ;). Yet again I somehow managed to survive the onslaught. After closing the bar, I went to the reception desk to hand over the day's sales and the keys when they told me they had something for me. And so I was given flowers, a bottle of wine and a farewell card from the F&B department. It was a nice touch, but still.... couldn't my colleagues have given it to me personally? It felt so .... cold and unpersonal to get the presents when I'm all alone at 2 am at the reception inside a quiet hotellobby. Oh well....

Sunday I was able to take my mind off of things. Met up with bander, pegla, thaily, hiryu and jonesybunny to visit a multi-cultural festival in Rotterdam. We spent a few hours listening to ethnic music, eating strange foods (watered down curry...) until the weathergods decided to ruin the moment. We suspect that one of the bands on the african stage started a raindance. Well, it worked. We found our way back to the cars, and six soaked persons sulked all the way to Bander's place while munching popcorn. There, we watched an extremely bad low-budget movie and a cult classic while eating chinese food and enjoying too much fizzy drinks. Bander has a very lovely, playful and funny cat. Unfortunately my slight allergy for pets started to act up, resulting in a runnynosed, eye-leaking Rob most of the evening. But I endured, mwahaha. I'll be checking the local pharmacy tomorrow for something that'll lessen the effects. Anyway, after the get-together, I drove Hiryu and Thaily home, went home myself, took an aspirin for the headache and went to bed.

Now it's monday and a national holiday. I'm unemployed, the taxoffice rejected my letter of objection so they still want to see EUR 1000 from me, my house is a mess and frankly.... I don't care at the moment. The weather is nice, I'm alive and healthy and Holland lost to Belgium :D

HEY thaily AND _graywolf_ (and everyone else interested): Are we still on for the Celtic Festival at the Keukenhof next weekend?

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